Here we can have a list of “in-depth info about long playing members of the community.


Long time player of Minecraft PE, stretching all the way back to the “dark days”: no natural cave generation, no redstone, non infinite worlds, you name it. Invested long hours to single player survival but no multiplayer interaction prior to realms. One of the “original” 77ers… Read more


Tasel knew about Minecraft and even dabbled with it back at the start with Java version  0.3, but didn’t actually start playing until his daughter got interested in it on her iPad back at the end of 2015.  Fast forward a bit and he started to … Read more

spike cleanspikebeer

Spike was introduced to minecraft when your daughter bought it for the tablet spring of 2016.  After quickly learning that it was not fun to play with kindergartners she began looking for other multi- player … Read more