JRTaselPlayer ID – JRTasel

Speciality – Large Project planner, Video Creator, Decent Redstoner

Current Season Base – Castle in Savannah

Tasel knew about Minecraft and even dabbled with it back at the start with Java version  0.3, but didn’t actually start playing until his daughter got interested in it on her iPad back at the end of 2015.  Fast forward a bit and he started to join Realms and found the community of like minded players here on the 77th Combine.

Starting in Season 2 he was inspired by the HermitCraft YouTubers to begin creating weekly videos of the Realm for other to enjoy and to document this realm as it grows.

This season has seen the start (again) of his castle which he swears he’s going to finish this time, a huge mall with villagers to trade with, multiple, multiple derpy deaths, and of course, all the videos of the realm.

Builds of Note

Videos of Note