OstrichLord.pngPlayer ID – OstrichLord76

Specialty – Although OstrichLord76 does a fair share of building, most would refer to him as a “jack of all trades”. However, when he does build, he excels at mountain and underground structures.

Current Season Base – Temporary base is in a mountain while an underground base is being built.

Minecraft and I– OstrichLord76 began Minecraft as a 10 year old who excelled at collecting dirt and even moreso at building horrible dirt houses. However, as the years went on he gradually learned the ins and outs of the game. Eventually he turned to multiplayer realms; however, this proved futile, for all realms contained a never ending stream of griefers. OstrichLord76 would build something one day, and come back the next only to find it covered in lava.

That being said, he decided to host his own realm. When that failed, OstrichLord76 applied for what seemed to be the perfect realm; the 77th Combine. After recieving an invite to the realm, OstrichLord76 knew this was his new minecraft home. Filled with mature and sensible players, OstrichLord76 spends all his minecraft time on the 77th Combine and wholeheartedly enjoys the good naturedness and well to do people within the realm.

Builds of Note