Interested in joining our realm?  Please check out our recruitment thread on the MineCraft Forums.  An parasphrased excerpt from this season’s recruitment post is below, but to join, you will need to go to to the forum itself and post there.

While reading this introduction, keep in mind that we’ve met all kinds of applicants before. That said, if you come across a few words that seem rude to you, maybe it’s because they apply to you. Players choose the realms they want to play on, but less than 10% of our applicants actually make it to our front door. If you can’t understand the reasons for this, you should stop reading and move on to another realm.

If your application stands out and is deemed of interest by our recruiters, you will be contacted via direct message on the forum and be required to join our realm group on Band, which is supported on every platform (mobile/PC). Our realm on Band is a group-oriented messaging & social network system, limited to the members of the 77th, and is entirely free. How you interact with our members in Band during the recruitment process will help in determining acceptance to the realm. We use Band to get to know who you are; If you aren’t active in Band chat or shy away from interaction, it could be looked upon negatively during your final evaluation.

Then the real fun starts! Unless this recruiting process is too complex, long & tedious to your tastes.  In which case, please seek another realm.


According to the feedback received, our members think it’s a privilege to be a part of The 77th Combine. We personally believe the 77th is privileged to have such members.

Come join us, and share our remarkable experiences!

  • Creator/Co-owner RedTomahawk77
  • Co-Owner BitterRabbits

APPLY NOW!  No application is complete without the following information:

  • introduction
  • skills
  • age
  • gender
  • country
  • gamertag
  • the magic word
    • (this is proof you did indeed take time to read the full post on the forum)